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Call for Application GDA2011 "ONCOLOGY"

Subject ARS GDA2011

Dear all,

Art Researches Science

The previous international Dissection Drawing Marathon, March 2011, is already a long time behind us.

We would like to announce "The Medical Days 2011 of Antwerp" a three-day meeting filled with scientific presentations, exciting workshops, poster presentations and an international scientific-confrontational art exhibition.

The Medical Days of Antwerp in 2011 run from 15 to 17 September 2011 with a festive opening on the Thursday.

The topic for 2011 is "Cancer: Prevention and care for the patient as a person."

The full program will soon be available on

This current oncological theme will be approached from many domains (study-related results, new therapies, imaging techniques, visual representations, 2D, 3D, literary, performance,...).

Therefore, we propose - just like last year when the theme was OBESITY - again together with the Antwerp delegation of the European Medical Student Association (EMSA-Europe) a poster presentation and exhibition account.

The exhibition takes place at two locations:

• Local V2 on the UA Campus Drie Eiken (the large auditorium building, like last year, cf BIOMAB the photos on the website)
• Starboard / Hangar 26 (where the final event will take place on Saturday, September 17)

Anyone interested in the human body and the sciences is more than welcome to participate.

Registration, preparation and insurance is free and can be an e-mail to @

Participating will be included in a catalog and online will appear on the websites of the KDGA, BIOMAB and ARS.

We hope to have a big interest from the arts disciplines because CANCER is a disease that should be battled against with ALL forces, disciplines, backgrounds and abilities (and there is no time to lose!).

The deadline for registration is Sept. 1.

More information will follow soon on this website, you can already find an impression of how it was last year:

Good luck with all exams, juries, presentations, ... and after this stressful time a fun and enjoyable summer holiday wish!


Ann Van de Velde
Pascale Pollier-Green
Francis Van Glabbeek

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