Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Beginning - 6 May 2010

Arrival at the University of Antwerp, City Campus (Hof van Liere)

Warm welcome by Prof Joke Denekens, Vice-Recor of the University of Antwerp

From left to right:
Prof Joke Denekens (B), Francis Van Glabbeek (B), Caroline Hübner (B) and Pascale Pollier-Green (B)

Pascale Pollier-Green gives an introduction to 'Art Researches Science - ARS'

Eleanor Crook talks about the Master's Degree in Art & Science at the University of the Arts and Central St Martins School of Art & Design in London (UK)

Caroline Wilkinson talks about Forensic Art Education in Dundee (UK)
Jo Cameron talks about the Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Art at the Royal College of Surgeons in London (UK)

Mara Haseltine talks about her course on Environmental Art and Geotherapy in New York City (US)

Yvan Freund talks about Medical and Scientific Art at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Didactique Visuelle in Strasbourg (F)

From left to right: Ann Van de Velde (B), Jo Cameron (UK), Francis Van Glabbeek (B), Caroline Hübner (B), Yvan Freund (F), Mara Haseltine (US), Pascale Pollier-Green (B) and Eleanor Crook (UK)
The Faculty Club

Further debating in the historical City Centre of Antwerp

Words of Welcome
by Professor Dr. Joke Denekens
Vice-Rector University of Antwerp and President Education & Academic Working Groups Association University and University Colleges Antwerp
"A warm welcome to the ‘Art Researches Science - Working towards an International Master's Degree Programme’ meeting delegates.
In this time of globalization the meaningful international exchanges among artists, scientists and medical artists teaching art and science to a new generation of students have become of utmost importance. The opportunity for a real dialogue about experiences and visions central to their work is very often missing. The so-called “exchanges” are all too often an exhibition, a publication and tell for finished products and productions, rarely encouraging open discussions between scientists and artists.
I am therefore pleased that this meeting entitled ‘Art Researches Science - Working towards an International Master’s Degree Programme’ is convened at the University of Antwerp, bringing together representatives from a wide variety of organizations and courses in Dundee, New York, London, Strasbourg and Antwerp.
The work of you all is research based, observing the human body in all its diversity; life and nature in all its beauty, strength, fragility, disease, mortality and death.
This meeting offers a platform for future networks, workshops and co-productions. It can also act as an opportunity for regional and local initiatives to be reinforced through trans-continental forum of ideas.
I wish all 9 participants from 5 countries an exciting time in Antwerp and hope that this meeting will be productive and successful for the arts and the sciences. I’m looking forward to know more about all your national courses and how we can come to an international curriculum."

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